Memory Economies: Two-Day Public Symposium

May 25th-26th, 2016

Room 326, Senate Chambers

Old Arts Building and Convocation Hall

University of Alberta

Traditional Territory of the Treaty 6 Peoples


(Registration is free: please register for catering numbers by May 15, 2016)


May 25 2016

8:30—Coffee and pastries


9:15-10:30: Panel OneRemembering Where We Are: Museums and Settler-Colonial Sites

Amber Dean (McMaster University) and Angela Failler (University of Winnipeg), “‘An Amazing Gift’? Memory Entrepreneurship, Settler Colonialism, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights”

Samantha Balzer (University of Alberta), “Remembering Otherwise in the Art Gallery: Tracing Eugenic Logic through Kent Monkman’s Queen-Size Body Bag


10:45-12:00 Panel Two—Theorizing Memory after Derrida

Donia Mounsef (University of Alberta),  “The Economies of Failure in Performance: Staging Memory as ‘Archive Fever’”

Karyn Ball (University of Alberta),  “The Lost Source: Traumatic Memory between Freud, Derrida, and Laplanche”


1:00-2:15 Panel Three—Fighting Memory: Forgetting and Remembrance

Zeina Tarraf (University of Alberta), “Memory Production in Postwar Lebanon: The Limits of a Capitalist Framework”

Mario di Paolantonio (York University), “Forgetting and the Memorial Museum: Alicia Framis’s ‘Welcome to Guantánamo Museum: Things to Forget’”


2:30-3:45 Panel Four—Building Nation, Forgetting Memory: Two Studies in Contemporary African Literature

Rosanne Kennedy (Australian National University), “‘A Plague Ship Set Adrift’: Sierra Leone in the Shadows of Global Memory (with reference to Aminatta Forna’s The Memory of Love)”

Helen Frost (University of Alberta), “‘A Happy Nation has No Memory’: Economies of Suffering in Achmat Dangor’s Bitter Fruit




May 26 2016

9:00—Coffee and pastries

9:30-10:45 Panel Five—Two Continents, One Trade: How the South Re-members

Taiwo Osinubi (University of Western Ontario), “Abolition’s Memorializations: West African Writers and South Atlantic Networks”

Jessica Rapson (King’s College London), “Refining Memory: The Sugar Economy & Louisiana’s River Road”


11:00-12:15 Panel Six—Memory and the Anthropocene in American Fiction

Richard Crownshaw (Goldsmiths University of London), “Climates of Cultural Memory: Speculating on Nathaniel Rich’s Odds Against Tomorrow

Lucy Bond (University of Westminster), “‘Forget what it means to be human’: configuring precarious memory in Joshua Ferris’s The Unnamed


1:15-2:30 Panel Seven—Future Imperfect: Remembering Forward

Anna Reading (Kings College London), “The Female Memory Factory: Global Economies of Memory, Gender and Labour”

Maria Mayr (Memorial University of Newfoundland), “From Sarajevo to Brussels: Utopia, Nostalgia, and the Futures of European Memory”


2:45- 3:45 Panel Eight—Group Discussion: Where do we go from here?


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